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Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms of Service (“Terms”) carefully before using (the “Site”) operated by Your Inner Unicorn, LLC (“Company”).

By accessing or using any content on the Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access the site.

Last Updated July 8, 2023


Your use of the Site is subject to Unicorn Mojo’s Privacy Policy (See below). Please review our Privacy Policy, which also governs the Site and informs users of our data collection practices.

Electronic Communications

Visiting the Site or sending emails to the Company constitutes electronic communications. You consent to receive electronic communication, and you agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications provided electronically to you by Company, via email and on the Site, satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

Links to Third-Party Sites

The Site may link to other websites (“Linked Sites”). These Linked Sites are not under the control of the Company. The Company is not responsible for the contents of any Linked Sites. The Company provides these links as a convenience to you. The links do not constitute an endorsement by the Company of the site or any association with its operators.

Intellectual Property

You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access and use the Site in strict accordance with these Terms. All content included on this Site is the property of the Company and is protected by copyright and other laws that protect the Company’s intellectual property and proprietary rights. You agree not to modify, publish, transmit, reverse engineer, or create derivative works found on the Site. You agree that you do have nor will have any ownership rights in any protected content and that the Company does not grant to you any licenses, express or implied, to the intellectual property of the Company except as expressly authorized by these Terms.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and third-parties for any losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses relating to or arising out of your use of the Site or services.

Dispute Resolution

Both You and the Company agree that any dispute or claim arising from or relating to these Terms shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commerical Arbitration Rules.

Liability Disclaimer

The information and content on this Site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. The Company may make periodical changes at any time. The Company makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, or accuracy of the information on the Site. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall the Company be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, consequential damages, or any other damages, without limitation.

International Users

The Company is owned and operated in the United States. If you access the Site or services provided by the Company outside of the United States of America, you are responsible for compliance with your local laws.

Access Restriction

The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to the Site at any time without notice.

Governing Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of Indiana without regard to its conflict of law rules, and the laws of the United States of America.

Entire Agreement

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Company with respect to the Site and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications between you and the Company. 


If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of this agreement shall still be enforceable, and the portion deemed invalid will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision.

Change to Terms

The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change these Terms. The most current version of the Terms will supersede all previous versions. The Company encourages you to review the Terms to stay informed on updates periodically.

Refund Policy

NO REFUNDS. Due to their digital nature, my products, courses, and mini-bundles do not qualify for a refund as you are provided immediate access to the product, and I am unable to revoke said access, once granted. 

Services also do not qualify for refunds. If a service isn’t completed or is canceled, the deposit is kept by Unicorn Mojo, and you will not be responsible for the remaining fee for uncompleted or canceled work.

Contact Us

The Company encourages you to contact us at with any questions or comments regarding these Terms.

Privacy Policy

Here at (“Website”), we, Your Inner Unicorn, LLC aka Unicorn Mojo (“Company,” “Us,” or “We”), are committed to protecting your privacy through this Privacy Policy (“Policy”). By using the website, you agree to the terms covered in this agreement.

Last Updated July 8, 2023

Collection of Your Personal Information

Most actions you take on the website will relay certain information about you to the Company. Through Google Analytics, Fathom Analytics, and other tools, we can see which web pages you click on, how long you stay there, and how you generally navigate the website. We use this data to optimize the website, improve user experience, and make strategic business decisions. These tools may also collect information and data about your IP address, computer specifications, and other details about the methods by which you access the Website.

You may also provide us additional personal information in various places on the website by filling out forms, answering questions, providing information while purchasing programs and products, or searching for specific information using our search tools. We collect name and email information to identify you as a buyer and provide access to your purchases. We request your address in order to ship products when necessary or because we sometimes like to send surprise thank-you gifts via physical mail. We also sometimes request Instagram handles or other social media information so that we can give you shoutouts on social or have other methods to follow your program, connect with you, and communicate in less formal ways.

The Company may also use this information to offer you additional products, programs, or services from either the Company or from third parties the Company promotes in exchange for commissions from those other companies.


Cookies are not just tasty treats. A cookie is also a piece of information recorded by your web browser. This allows your web browser to recognize places you have visited. For more on cookies, see this article from the Federal Trade Commission.

Our use of cookies assists you when you begin to type our Website. Your computer may autofill URLs based on its cookies memory. They can help remember and autofill things like user IDs and website preferences.

We use these cookies and other technological equivalents, including social media pixels, to track your internet usage in order to implement advertising strategies.


Email is the backbone of most online marketing in the twenty-first century. Your email is valuable to us, and your privacy is valuable to you. We take care to ensure that your email and other data are used in a respectful manner, and we keep your email confidential. We do not sell or in any way share your email in exchange for remuneration. Occasionally, the Company does partner with third parties to provide joint education, resources, products, or services. In these cases, your participation is deemed consent for us to share any information you provide to us with that third party.

The Company’s emails will comply with applicable laws, including the CAN-SPAM Act. Each email will clearly identify that it is from the Company, along with a place for you to unsubscribe from our email list. Occasionally, the technological systems we rely on to remove you from our email list may fail to unsubscribe you. If you continue receiving unwanted emails, please reach out to the Company directly at, and we will manually remove you.

Unsubscribing from the Company’s email list will remove you from our routine promotional emails and informational emails about podcasts, blog posts, and other resources we may have to share. However, you may still receive information about programs, services, or products you have bought from the Company.

Information Disclosures

The Company will disclose your personal information only when necessary to provide services, programs, or products to you or when necessary to work with third parties like lawyers or collection agencies to enforce these terms or any other terms between you and the Company. We may also disclose your information when we are otherwise legally required to do so.

How we protect your information

We make our best efforts to ensure the security of your information using industry standards and reasonable methods. We rely on reputable and reliable third-party vendors to collect basic information. If you work with us in a one-on-one capacity, we may collect additional information from you including, but not limited to, financial information and other personal data necessary for us to provide you with our services. For this data, we use a different, reputable third-party platform designed for these purposes.

Policy Changes

The Company reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time. We will notify you by email about any material changes that are made regarding your personal information.

Visitor’s GDPR rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law that governs information and privacy rights for people within the European Union. Those rights include:

We will retain any information you choose to provide to us until the earlier of: (a) you ask us to delete the information, (b) our decision to cease using our existing data providers, or (c) the Company decides that the costs of retaining it outweigh the value in retaining the data.

You have the right to request access to your data that the Company stores and the right to either rectify or erase your personal data. You have the right to seek restrictions on the processing of your data. You have the right to object to the processing of your data and the right to the portability of your data. To the extent that you provided consent to the Company’s processing of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based upon consent that occurred prior to your withdrawal of consent. You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority with jurisdiction over issues related to the GDPR.

We require only the information that is reasonably required to enter into a contract with you. We will not require you to provide consent for any unnecessary processing as a condition of entering into a contract with us.

Children Under 13

The Company does not knowingly collect, either online or offline, personal information from persons under the age of thirteen. If you are under 18, you may use the Website with the permission of a parent or guardian.

Contact Us

The Company welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy:

Email us at


Please Read This Disclaimer Carefully Before Using This Website.

Last Updated April 23, 2023

The Website And Its Content Is Owned By Crystal Berg, Your Inner Unicorn, LLC (“Company,” “We,” Or “Us”). The Term “You” Refers To The User Or Viewer Of (“Website”).

Please Read This Website Disclaimer Carefully. We Reserve The Right To Change This Website Disclaimer At Any Time Without Notice, And By Using The Website Disclaimer At Any Time Without Notice, And By Using The Website And Its Content, You Agree With The Website Disclaimer As It Appears, Whether Or Not You Have Read This Language. If You Disagree With This Website Disclaimer, Please Do Not Use Our Website Or Its Content.

For Educational and Informational Purposes Only

The information provided on or through our Website, Programs, Products, and Services is for educational and informational purposes only. It is made available to you as a self-help tool for your own use.

Not Legal or Financial Advice

The information contained in our Website, Programs, or Services is not intended to be a substitute for legal or financial advice that can be provided by your own attorney, accountant, and/or financial advisor.

Although care has been taken in preparing the information provided to you, we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions, and we accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, howsoever arising. The law varies by state, and it is constantly changing; therefore, it affects each individual and business differently. As a result, it is recommended to seek outside financial and/or legal counsel relating to your specific circumstances as needed.

You are hereby advised to consult with your tax consultant, accountant, or lawyer for any and all questions and concerns you have, may have, or hereafter have regarding your own income and taxes and any and all information presented by our Website, Programs, or Services pertaining to your specific financial and/or legal situation.

Personal Responsibility: Our Website, Programs, Products, and Services

We aim to represent the information provided accurately. You acknowledge that you are participating voluntarily in using our Website, Programs, Products, and Services, and you alone are solely and personally responsible for your results.

You agree to use your own due diligence and judgment before applying any recommendation or advice that you may receive on or through our Website, Programs, Products, and Services. You acknowledge that you take full responsibility for your health, life, and well-being and all decisions now and in the future.

No Guarantees of Income or Any Kind

Our role is to support and assist you in reaching your goals, but your success depends primarily on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through. We cannot and do not guarantee that you will attain a particular business result or income increase or level. You accept and understand that results differ for each individual.

Each individual’s business success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation, and a whole host of additional factors. As with any business-related program or service that you purchase, your results may vary and will be based on many variables, so therefore no guarantees can be made.

Any earnings or income statements or examples shown through our Website, Programs, Products, and Services are only estimates of what might be possible for you. There can be no assurance as to any particular financial outcome based on using our Website, Programs, Products, or Services.

You agree that we are not responsible for the success or failure of your business decisions, the increase or decrease of your finances or income level, or any other result of any kind that you may have as a result of information presented to you through our Website, Programs, Products, and Services. You are solely responsible for your results.


We present real-world experiences, testimonials, and insights about other people’s experiences for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients and results they personally achieved or are comments from individuals who can speak about our character and/or the quality of our work.

Each client or individual has approved these testimonials, examples, and photos for use in materials to speak to our Programs, Products, and/or Services, but they are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results.

Rather, these client stories represent what is possible with our Programs, Products, and/or Services. Each of these unique stories, and any and all results reported in these stories by our clients on our Website and through our Programs, Products, and Services, are the culmination of numerous variables, some of which we cannot control.

Assumption of Risk

There are sometimes unknown individual risks and circumstances that can arise during the use of our Website, Programs, Products, and Services that cannot be foreseen and that can influence or reduce results.

We are not responsible for your personal choices or actions before, during, or after using our Website, Programs, Products, and Services. You understand that any mention of any suggestion or recommendation on or through our Website, Programs, Products, or Services is to be taken at your own risk, with no liability on our part, recognizing that there is a rare chance that illness, injury, or even death could result.

You accept full responsibility for the consequences of your use, or non-use, of any information provided by us through any means whatsoever. Your use, or non-use, of this information, is at your own risk, and you absolve us of any liability or loss that you, your business, your family or children (if applicable), or any other person, may incur from your or their use or non-use of the information provided.

Limitation of Liability, Indemnification, and Release of Claims

We will not be held responsible or liable in any way for the information, products, or materials that you request or receive through or on our Website, Programs, Products, or Services. In no event will we be liable to you or any other party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, equitable, or consequential damages for any use of or reliance on our Website, Program, Products, and Services or on those affiliated with us in any way, and you hereby release us from any and all claims; including without limitation, those related to lost profits, personal or business interruptions, personal injuries, accidents, misapplication of information, or any other loss, physical or mental disease, condition or issue, or otherwise, even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages or difficulties.

We do not assume liability for accidents, delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, misapplication of information, physical or mental disease, condition or issue, or otherwise, due to any act or default of anyone or any business, whether owners, staff, agents or otherwise, affiliated with anyone or any business who is engaged in rendering our Programs, Products or Services.

You agree that you fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release us and any of our employees, shareholders, directors, staff, consultants, agents, affiliates, or anyone else affiliated with us from any and all liability, damages, cause of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims, and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that you ever had, now have or will have in the future against us, arising from your participation in or in any way related to our Website, Programs, Products, and Services, even if we are aware in advance of the possibility of any such claim.

In the event that you use any information, gift, product, program, or service provided on or through our Website, Program, Products, and Services by us or affiliated with us, we assume no responsibility.


We promote and partner as an affiliate with other individuals or companies whose programs, products, and services align with ours.

In the spirit of transparency, we want you to be aware that there may be instances when we promote or market for our partners, and in exchange, we receive financial compensation in the form of affiliate fees and/or other rewards.

Please note that we are highly selective as to the partners whose programs, products, and/or services we promote, and we only promote or share the programs, products, and services of those whom we think highly of.

At the same time, any such promotion or marketing does not serve as any form of endorsement. You are still required to use your own judgment when using or purchasing any such affiliate program, product, or service to determine that it is appropriate for you as we waive all liability as related to any of our affiliates, including any of their programs, products, or services.


Reference or links in our Website, Programs, Products, or Services to any other individual’s, business, or entity’s information, opinions, advice, programs, products, or services do not constitute our formal endorsement.

We are merely sharing information for your own self-help only. We are not responsible for the website content, blogs, emails, videos, social media, programs, products, and/or services of any off-site web pages, companies, or persons linked or referenced in our Website, Programs, Products, or Services.

Should our Website link or any of our Programs, Products, or Services appear in any other individuals, businesses, or entity’s website, program, product, or services, it does not constitute our formal endorsement of them, their business, or their website in any way.

Contact Us

By using our Website, Programs, Products, and Services, you implicitly signify your agreement to all parts of the above Disclaimer. If you have any questions about this Disclaimer, please contact us at

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