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Get ready to unlock the ultimate magical data vault with my Done For You Hashtag Vaults™!

Are you tired of settling for basic, uninspired hashtag lists for your social media strategy or searching for ones that “sound cool,” not knowing if they’ll help?

With my DFY Hashtag Vaults, you can effortlessly harness social media’s power to increase your business’s visibility and engagement and streamline your social media strategy.

$44 – $222

Are you tired of your website not getting the traffic it deserves? Do you want to improve your online presence and attract more potential customers? A site audit is a great place to start!

A Unicorn Mojo™ Site Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website that evaluates its structure and content and helps identify areas that need improvement, and provides recommendations on optimizing your site for better visibility and engagement.


Want to pick my brain about your current tech stack, what might work better for your business, and how to save money by condensing or changing systems?

This Tech Consult is perfect for you!


Have a last-minute rush problem you need help with to finish a launch, or something broke and you can’t figure it out? A Power Hour is the perfect solution for you!

After booking, you’ll be sent my cell phone number, and I’ll fit you in within 4 hours (Monday-Friday only, 9am-7pm Central).


Get Crystal in Your Pocket for a day from 10am-8pm Central via Voxer voice and text messaging.

Ask unlimited questions about your business tech, design, brand, launches, funnels, strategy, etc.


SEO Basics: Are you lacking effective basic SEO & a strategy for implementation on your website for organic growth but can’t afford an SEO specialist? 

Then this package is perfect for you!

This package also includes the Hashtag Level 3 product!! (a savings of $222!)


Coming Soon...

Custom Logo Design


Coming Soon...​

Custom Business Branding